A new proof that the Grail Message has been altered by human hand




(Článek je v českém znění zde: Nové důkazy o tom, že Poselství Grálu bylo pozměněno lidskou rukou)


At our website we distinguish the text in the Grail Message that has been censored or deleted by the Grail Movement by different colour.

But there are also many opposite cases in the "new" edition, where you can find text which has never appeared in the original edition and is additional. (The added text is distinguished by the colour).

These additions contain contradictions which do not agree with the perfection of the Grail Message. Let's take a closer look.


In the "Last Hand (or final authorized) Edition" several parts of the lectures are missing, there are words, sentences or whole paragraphs gone. But there are also many cases, where you can find added text in the "new" edition, which was never in the original edition.

For example, in the lecture „The Primordial Spiritual Planes III “, we can read some paragraphs that were added to the Message by the censor, here is an example:

“For His work of purifying Creation which was granted by God the Father, and which became necessary through the fall of the human spirits in the World of Matter, Parsifal’s volition as a Part of Him took on form for His wandering through all the parts of the world, so that through gathering experiences therein He would recognise all the weaknesses and wounds of the human spirits.

Parsifal always remained in the Castle while His living volition, as a part out of Him become form, wandered through the parts of the world learning.

Being of an alien nature, particularly towards everything that is wrong, the form of His volition for this task was naturally bound to be like that of a child first, then like that of a youth who had to learn and so mature to become a man, which in the swinging of the Laws of Creation naturally also manifested in the outward form, corresponding to the nature of the particular plane.

As in wandering downwards Parsifal arrived at the boundary where the World of Matter began, i.e., the area of the human spirits developing from spirits-germs, he reached that plane in which the effects of the dark currents that had also already touched Amfortas first became manifest.

At this boundary there is the Castle in which Amfortas was priest-king. It is the lowest image of the actual Grail Castle, furthest away from it and most different from it in nature. Also therefore the nearest one to the earth, although in terms of human thinking at such a great distance as can hardly be grasped! In this Castle there are indeed the purest of the developed human spirits as guardians of the vessel and as knights.

Upon entering this plane it was necessary for Parsifal to become veiled with a cloak of the same kind, even though of the very fine material substance such as existed there, which was like a bandage that temporarily blots out all memories of higher regions.

Coming from the Light He in pure innocence faced the evil that was completely unknown to Him, and He could only take notice of it through suffering under it. He thereby had to learn laboriously what human spirits are capable of in this respect.

Thus He did indeed obtain a thorough knowledge of it, but since it was completely alien to His nature He could never understand such things.

Thus, it was here that the currents from the Darkness, which had naturally taken on form, rushed for the first time upon the wandering stranger, who in the struggles connected therewith gained strength and awoke to the recognition of Himself.

It is of this path, difficult and full of suffering, that mankind on earth received knowledge, because it took place in the World of Matter, although only at its highest boundary. That is why the errors could arise, because the human spirit on earth can never picture to itself such happenings as lie far above its species.

However, I shall give closer explanations about all this sometime later, explanations that will bring light and therewith clarity!“ --


 This text, which was added into the Message says, that every other human spirit returning to Paradise is higher than these purest of developed human spirits, who are said to be the guardians in the Castle of the Grail at the limit of materiality.

But if one wants to dwell in ethereal matter, one must also wear an ethereal body!

How can one be the purest of the developed human spirits and still wear a fine-material body and dwell and remain in ethereality?

It is possible only in the gross matter that all kinds of creation can meet. Not in the ethereal matter, where there are always only those of the same kind.


Now an original text from the Grail Message written by Abdrushin, which disproves what was written above (added by the Censor).

Resonances II. 7. Spiritual Planes I (Primordial Spiritual Planes I – in censored version)

“There actually is a Castle where an Amfortas dwelt, who for a time was considered the highest guardian there. In this Castle there is a vessel called the “Grail”, which is faithfully guarded by the knights. It was there that Amfortas actually came to fall, and where a great helper was promised.

But this happened neither on earth nor in the high Light Castle of Primordial Creation.

The Castle revealed there is to be found even today as the highest point on a plane in which the Created Beings have their field of activity towards the developed ones. In their purest volition and worship of God they created (have) only an imitation of the Light Castle, which radiates down from the highest point in Primordial Creation and, as the actual Castle of the Holy Grail, also forms the exit gate from the Divine Sphere of Radiation.

This lower lying imitation was once Amfortas’ area of activity, and of his fall when he succumbed to the evil influence of Lucifer who soared from the depth all the way up to him. His mistake was that by following this influence he once, for a short time, sought to devote himself to the comfortable enjoyment of a proud knightly life.

Therewith he stepped out of the balance of the necessary movement of his plane, which movement the Primordial Law of Creation automatically compels all to maintain who wish to remain at the same height. For a short time Amfortas came to a standstill, thereby creating an impediment and a gap for the passage of the Power of the Light.“


(Yellow highlighted text was deleted from the original edition by the censor)


Let’s think! Abdrushin wrote:

The Castle revealed there is to be found even today as the highest point on a plane in which the Created Beings have their field of activity towards the developed ones.

Created Beings!! Do you see the word!? Created Beings, not developed ones!

Whoever does not know the difference between the created and the developed, it is explained in the Message. The created do not need to incarnate (for development), as they were already fully conscious in the Paradise.

According to censor, this castle is of ethereal matter kind and not only strictly created ones dwell there, but also the purest of the developed human spirit.

Abdrushin wrote that this castle was created by the Created ones, and that they themselves also dwell and work in it… But how could created ones create a castle in ethereal matter and work there?

 Abdrushin wrote that the Created ones have created an imitation of the Castle of Light in the purest will and in the purest worship of God. Why should this be in the ethereal matter, as the censor claims?

Even the purest of developed human spirits could not dwell in ethereal matter, much less the CREATED ONES as mentioned by Abdrushin!

I have noticed, that Vollmann, the censor, was removing everything from the Grail Message that he could not grasp with his mind. It's been stricken out or replaced with his own assumptions and speculations.

The censor again could not understand how Amfortas could fall in the spiritual realm, so he has inserted his own text into the Message to explain it for himself. In the lecture “Primordial Spiritual Levels III”, the censor placed that castle on the top of the material world, so that it would be understandable to him; he transformed Amfortas from a created to a "purest of the developed". He has placed it in another castle and changed its own origin. Because of this, the censor has left a permanent proof that the Message has been falsified by human hand. Abdrushin already clearly wrote that it is a castle of the created ones. And the Censor has moved these created ones with the whole castle from the spiritual world into materiality.

An explanation about Amfortas’ fall on the top of the spiritual (not the primordial spiritual): It's not about falling in the way the majority of readers imagine. Abdrushin wrote:

“In this lower lying imitation Amfortas was once active, and he fell when he succumbed to the evil influence of Lucifer, who soared from the depth all the way up to him. His mistake was that by following this influence he once, for a short time, sought to devote himself comfortably to the enjoyment of a proud knightly life! Therewith he stepped out of the balance of the necessary movement of his plane, which movement the Primordial Law of Creation automatically compels all to maintain who wish to remain at the same height. For a short time Amfortas came to a standstill, thereby creating an impediment and a gap for the passage of the Power of the Light.”

This is the text from the Message that censor has deleted: who soared from the depth all the way up to him

Lucifer, of course, did not fall and did not change in a single second, but his own will gradually broke out in him. At that time, Lucifer - as a high being from the divine plane was able to soar himself up to Amfortas.

Amfortas stayed in the Castle of the Grail and after his “fall” he was only removed from his royal position. Amfortas was allowed to stay in the castle as a knight, his guilt was of an easier kind. There was no real, dark will that would have pulled him down into darkness. He kept his maturity, which still remains unattainable to many.

We can read something similar in the lecture “The Primordial Spiritual Planes I”, where the censor added a word:

“Thus only parts of a revelation from the lowest imitation of the Light Castle could penetrate to the opened spirits of these earthly poets, who absorbed them during their work. They did not come from the luminous Grail Castle itself, for there it was impossible to proclaim Parsifal’s coming, because Parsifal was and is the First in the whole Creation, only with Him could the entire Creation come into existence. He is part of the God-Spirit Imanuel, anchored into the Primordial Spiritual in order to create the Primordial Spiritual.”

The word "lowest" does not exist in the original version. It is only an attempt by the censor to adapt the word to his own limited understanding. Because of that it often happens that a reader claims: "But Abdrushin writes it there!"

One must first check whether it is really Abdrushin's own words or an addition by the criminals from the Grail Movement!


This is just an example. Throughout the whole Grail Message, a lot has been edited, stricken out, or added etc. - thus adapted to the limited understanding of the Grail Movement's “intellectuals”. Since the beginning of 2019, I have been distinguishing everything that has been censored by the colour, so that you can see perverse shamefulness of the criminals from the Grail Movement.